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Progressive Congress exists to connect the progressive movement and agenda with the leaders in Congress who can help it succeed. Working closely with the Congressional Progressive Caucus, we bring together the collective wisdom of progressives inside and outside the government to promote peace and global security; economic opportunity, labor & workers' rights with a special focus on women and under - represented communities; public health and education; energy independence and environmental sustainability; civil rights and human rights through public education, organizing and strategically targeted communications. 


A vital part of our mission is to leverage and connect the groundwork constructed by progressive think tanks, organizations, foundations, and activists to inform policy and legislation with Members of Congress. Progressive Congress coordinates, though our 501(c)(3) focused on research and education and our 501(c)(4) focused on advocating and political organizing, separate ongoing projects that deliver invaluable assistance through briefings, messaging materials, access to expertise, and inside-outside collaboration.

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Progressive Congress uses a combination of core staff, paid fellowships, volunteers, and strategic partnerships with other organizations to accomplish our mission. Take a minute and get to know our team.

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Progressive Congress is an active part of the progressive movement and help to keep a close eye on the activities of progressive leaders and values on and off the Hill. 

Be sure to check out our blog for the absolute latest on progressive thought, principle, action, and on the ground movement. 

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