Progressive Congress Action Fund:

“Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Is a Scam, Plain and Simple”


February 12, 2018


Press Contact: Olivia Alperstein
(609) 206-7920


Washington, D.C.—On February 12, 2018, President Donald Trump and his administration announced a proposal for a $200 billion infrastructure plan, which would privatize roads, bridges, water systems, and other infrastructure while largely leaving the cost and burden of implementation to state and local governments. In response, Dr. Gabriela Lemus of Progressive Congress Action Fund released the following statement:


Trump’s infrastructure plan is a scam, plain and simple. Trump’s Wall Street cronies stand to gain billions, while state and local governments will be forced to foot the bill. This is highway robbery, and they’re charging us a toll for being robbed.

“Under the guise of investing in repairing our broken and crumbling infrastructure, the Trump plan would sell off public infrastructure to Wall Street banks and foreign investors, meaning higher tolls and fees for ordinary working families while states are forced to foot the bill. Wall Street and foreign investors will rake in billions and get rewarded with deregulation, giving them a greater opportunity to wreck the environment, implement shoddy cost-cutting plans, and rip off communities, without being held accountable. This won’t fulfill the promise of better jobs for more Americans; this will only open the door to further theft of American infrastructure down the road.

“Real investment in infrastructure is critical to our future. 156 Members of Congress have signed on to principles for a real infrastructure plan, which could create millions of jobs while repairing and rebuilding our nation’s roads, bridges and water systems. This plan would also enable the United States to lead on renewable energy and guarantee us a true 21st Century economy, while ensuring job training and assistance for military members, veterans, people transitioning from fossil fuel jobs, and people from underserved communities directly impacted by climate change.

“Funding infrastructure by cutting infrastructure is not the answer. Funding public infrastructure with private money while burdening state and local governments with the huge cost of implementing the infrastructure plan is not the answer. We need a real plan, not theft disguised as public investment. We need a real sustainable development plan for infrastructure that can withstand the demands of a growing population, a growing economy and climate change mitigation. This infrastructure scam hurts communities instead of investing in their potential.”



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