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Progressive Congressmembers, Standing Up Against Cuts, GOP Shutdown

Daniel ParkhurstComment

With conservatives holding the country hostage and shutting our democracy down in order to deny people health care and cut benefits for working families- the Congressional Progressive Caucus is organizing. Help tell the rest of Congress and the President that we can’t cave to GOP temper tantrums. We need to expand our Social Security system–not cut it. And we need to end this hurtful, anti-democracy shutdown, and get our hundreds of thousands of dedicated federal workers back on the job, right now.

Check out this excellent video coverage here:

And check out the slideshow below and on Flickr, too, from both the massive rally with federal workers AND our big “human chain” with allies to protect Social Security.


This week, members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus were joined by Social Security Works, the Alliance for Retired Americans, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee,, Democracy for America and more (and thousands of you online!) for a virtual chain against Chained CPI, with people from all over the country.

Then, on Friday, progressive Congressmembers rallied with hundreds of federal workers who’d been forced off the job, and together they urged an end to this shutdown.

In short, this week: Boehner’s Congress is a mess, D.C. is shut down, and Republicans are throwing a hissy fit – but Congressional Progressives are holding it down and reminding us that our democracy can be a powerful tool for positive change in countless Americans’ lives. Add your name – and stay tuned because these Congressional leaders aren’t stopping now.