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Raise Up America!

Daniel ParkhurstComment

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Join the Fight for an Economy that Works for Everyone!

  • Restore the minimum wage
  • Support the right to organize
  • Sign an executive action requiring private businesses contracting with the government pay a living wage.

“For decades, our most vulnerable citizens, low wage workers, have been ignored. For millions working paycheck-to-paycheck, it is harder to stay in the middle class, and some may not get there at all.” – Rep. Keith Ellison, Co-Chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus

Wages have been stagnant for a generation, and the fastest growing jobs in our economy are also the lowest paid. Fast food, retail, home health, child care and security jobs are growing, but they don’t pay enough to cover basic necessities like food, clothing and rent.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

This summer, Members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus will travel across the country to highlight the faces of income inequality. Progressive leaders will join low wage workers in protests, rallies, strikes and forums across the country to call attention to income inequality in America.

“With many living paycheck to paycheck, the possibility of climbing the economic ladder has slowly slipped away. Somebody needs to fight for a middle class that has a place for anyone willing to work hard. I’m proud to join my colleagues in the Congressional Progressive Caucus in that fight with the ‘Raise Up America’ campaign, and our work to make economic security a reality for all Americans, not just the wealthy.” – Rep. Mark Takano

During the Raise Up America campaign, Members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus will partner with fast food workers in New York City, retail sales clerks in Chicago, military uniform makers in Tennessee and other low-wage workers nationwide to demand solutions that put more money into the pockets of working people.

Because big, profitable employers like McDonald’s and Walmart must learn that better wages for their workers isn’t just the right thing to do, it also means millions of families will have more money to spend at their stores and raise up the entire economy.

“As corporate profits continue to break records, Americans are working harder while getting paid less. The growing income inequality gap is bad for job growth, it’s bad for our deficits, it’s bad for the most vulnerable in our society and it threatens the American dream. Our economy will never truly thrive unless everyone participates in its recovery.” – Rep. Mark Pocan

The needs of low wage workers have been ignored for far too long.

It’s time we all stand up. Together.