Testimonials — It's about bringing progressives and progressive leaders in Congress together.

Progressive Congress doesn’t just make us more productive and effective as lawmakers.
The excellent team they’ve put together helps us and our own staff work smarter when crunch time comes on a particular issue.
They fill important gaps in what we can accomplish, and they give us in Washington and the grassroots around the country a means to communicate with one another that only gets stronger with time.
— Rep. Raúl Grijalva, Congressional Progressive Caucus Co-Chair
Joel Silberman and Progressive Congress are media training masters. Their combination of laser focused skills and compassion brings out the very best in everyone with whom they works. I cannot praise this work enough and look forward to the continued impact of the Progressive Congress Messenger Program on the entire progressive movement.
— Van Jones
Progressive Congress is instrumental in providing an effective bridge between political activists around the country and the work of the Congressional Progressive Caucus.
The organization has delivered for DFA members as well as other progressive groups and allies by engaging in more effective communication and driving strategic action plans that unite the progressive movement and deliver on our shared values.
— Jim Dean, Chair, Democracy for America
Joel Silberman and Progressive Congress helped me sharpen my media skills and better prepare for high-profile media interviews. I am looking forward to improving my on-camera skills and making my interviews more powerful and impactful with his help in the coming year.
— Rep. Barbara Lee
I don’t think there is a Member in the caucus who couldn’t benefit from [Progressive Congress media briefings]. If we are ever again to become effective policymakers, we must become better message makers now.
— Rep. Lloyd Doggett
Progressive Congress has been instrumental in broadening much needed channels of regular and effective communication between progressive leaders in Congress and the broader progressive movement across the country.
— Rep. Keith Ellison, Congressional Progressive Caucus Co-Chair
As a Member of Congress, the Congressional Progressive Caucus and the Chair of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, my ability to communicate effectively to my constituents is crucial. The media briefings offered by Progressive Congress help me connect directly with my audiences – they work with my personal message and style, allowing me to be the strongest communicator I can be.
— Rep. Judy Chu, Asian Pacific American Caucus Chair